Dip & Carved Candle Candle Making Project
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Make sure you have read both out safety instructions safety instructions and basic candle making instructions before you do any of these projects.

On one point of the star make a cut about 5mm deep about 2.5cm from the base of the candle. Make another cut immediately above it only about 3mm thick. Roll the bottom cut up and then gently pinch the upper cut at its tip and stretch
it over the roll below. You now have the first flap at the base of the candle. Now make two more cuts about 3mm thick and roll the above as shown below. You should now have three rolled flaps at the bottom point of the star.
Repeat on the remaining points.
NB These pictures are a little deceptive. They show the candle being carved with a flat base. Actually it is easy to leave all the surplus wax at the base of the candle until you have finished carving as it give you something to hold on to!

carved star candlemaking project

With two points of the star facing you   cut out a flap about 3mm deep and 6.3cm long. Gently pinch and pull the tip of the flap and give it a half twist. Repeat on the next point.

star candle making project

Holding the candle so that the two points are facing you , cut two flaps directly the flaps you have just made. You should now have four twisted flaps. Take the two upper flaps you have just cut and gently pull them towards each other, pressing them down between the two points of the star facing you. Now take the two lower flaps and bend them in the opposite direction to the two already done. Repeat around the candle on the remaining points of the star.

dip and carve candlemaking

Repeat what you have just done   with the middle flaps BUT make these flaps only about 3.2 cm long. Twist them in
opposite directions as before, and press down their tips just above the two flaps below. You will notice that one set of flaps from the cut is higher than the other. Bend your lower 3.2cm flaps onto the lower pair of flaps below. Bend the upper 3.2cm flaps onto the higher flaps above. You should now have four flaps pressed together in a star shape in the gap between the two points facing you. Repeat on the remaining points of the candle.

carved star candlemaking

Hold the candle  in one hand so that two points are facing you. Using a modeling tool cut a small strip of wax at the top of the candle between the two points. Gently bend the strip of wax over the star shaped center of the four flaps immediately below. Repeat on the remaining points. The picture below is a detail of what the top of the candle should now look like!

carved star candlemaking project

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